Calling out to Italian- and Spanish-speaking workers in Bristol

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Got workplace issues and not sure what to do? Live in Bristol but speak Italian or Spanish as your first language? Want to join a union and learn more about your rights as a worker and how to organise in your workplace? Give us an email on

If you know any Italian- and/or Spanish-speaking workers in Bristol please pass this on!



Direct action gets the goods, again!


Note: this report has been anonymised for legal reasons.

A fellow worker had worked for the same boss for over 5 years. After a holiday of 6 weeks, granted to him by the boss, he returned to find his hours reduced. A few weeks later he was told that he was ‘surplus to business requirements’ and that they did not have enough hours for him.

This dismissal came completely out of the blue with no disciplinary procedure at all. Then, in his last week of work (having only been given one week’s notice) his job was advertised in the window of the shop.

Not only was he owed a significant amount in unpaid holiday pay and wages; his former employer offered no redundancy pay to help him while he looked for another job.

He then decided to take the issue to his union, the Industrial Workers of the World, who wrote to the company and asked for a meeting to ensure that he received his wages and the holiday pay. After a terse, incoherent and rude written response from the boss, (in which the company expressed that they felt there was ‘no need’ for any further discussion), the union decided to visit in person to deliver their demands and ensure that this boss knows what to expect when he treats his workforce unfairly with little respect. Read more

Anti-surveillance advice for IWW members


Amnesty International, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Digitale Gesellschaft and Privacy International have just released DETEKT, a really effective anti-surveillance program built to detect state spyware on PCs.

You can download it here.

All IWW organisers, delegates and officers especially should run this on a regular basis. We can never be too careful.

For more information, check out this page:


Workfare success story from Liverpool Wobblies

end unpaid work

Reposted from Liverpool IWW website

Even if we do say so ourselves, Liverpool IWW have won a great victory by getting such a strong statement against workfare from locally-based household waste recycling/furniture company FRC/Bulky Bob’s, who used the unpaid labour scheme until last Friday.

Liverpool wobblies had heard about Bulky Bob’s use of conscripted workfare labour a few months back, and FRC have been viewed as a potential target for that long. But we considered that taking them on was something to build up to. This was particularly important because Liverpool IWW have only been organising since this spring. There’s been lots of admin work to do as we look to become a chartered branch, and many vital founding discussions to be had about issues such as safer spaces policy. Read more

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