COVID-19: An Injury To One Is An Injury To All

COVID-19 has created a serious health and economic crisis. Its impacts to workers include:

  • Health, safety, and the risk of exposure at work. This risk carries beyond you as a worker to everyone in your household. Compromise should not be tolerated, particularly for non-essential work. If your workplace has responded to the pandemic in an unsafe manner, do not hesitate to get in touch. The union has your back.
  • Furloughs and layoffs are already starting to hit workers. This is likely to get worse. Contact us for advice. The branch has assisted workers in getting reinstated and other positive outcomes.
  • Abandoning solidarity for stigmatization, racism, or eco-facism. Under no case should the human suffering caused by the pandemic be justified or used as an excuse to sow division.

Share what’s happening in your workplace. Email or reach out on social media. This crisis has laid bare the contradictions and cruelty of the current system. It’s demonstrated that workers are what moves the world. Let’s use it to build the structures of care that will move society into a better age.

Additional worker information:


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