Fighting the South West Pay Cartel


This Saturday, December 1st, NHS workers from across the region, with support from all parts of the South West, are taking their campaign against the Pay Cartel to the Streets.  They need the support of everyone in their struggle to defend NHS pay and conditions. Join them on the “We are one NHS” rally.  Starting at College Green at 11.00 and finishing at Castle Park at 12.30.

Back at the start of the summer, news was leaked to health Unions that outlined outrageous plans to slash the pay of health workers in the South West by between 10 and 15%. The health Trusts, boldly claimed that if staff didn’t except their plans to change their pay, they would sack them all and rehire them on new terms. This move towards local pay will end a national agreement on pay. It will then see a race to the bottom for health worker pay. This will have downward pressure on the pay of everyone in the South West

With one member, the Royal Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals Foundation Trust, deciding to pull out of the Pay Cartel they are currently vulnerable to pressure.  There is a growing groundswell against the remaining Trusts It will continue to mount unless they all pull out.  There have been loud and vocal lobbies of Trust board from Truro to Gloucester.  The pay Cartel has been condemned Unions, MPs, local Councillors and more importantly health workers.

The message now needs to be loud and clear.

We do not except your plans.

We will strike if necessary to defend our pay and conditions.

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