IWW call out for Starbucks organiser volunteers!

Starbucks have been getting a lot of attention lately – from the media and from protesters – in light of their £multi-millions tax avoidance in the UK. They’ve since agreed to start paying some, but who will end up footing this bill?!

Starbucks workers in England have recently been told that there will be cuts to terms and conditions on paid 30-minute lunch breaks, paid sick leave and cuts in maternity benefits. As well as this Starbucks has also refused to pay their staff a ‘living wage,’ and some workers are seeing pay increases frozen. With a track record like this it will come as no surprise that it’s the staff who will suffer and the bosses who continue to rake in the big bucks.

Join the IWW and get organised to resist the buck being passed! Anyone can help, contact us today…

For more information visit the Starbucks Workers Union website.

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