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NOV 30th Strike Part 1 Pensions


NOV 30th Strike Part 2 Not Just About Pensions




Anti Cuts Myths Film

Anti Cuts Myths Film with footage of Bristol march against the cuts on 23rd October. Please watch and distribute widely. These cuts are an attack on our public services, communities and our children’s futures. They must be resisted and they will be and they will be defeated. Down with this shambolic con dem government.

The Debt Crisis as Just Another Story – Challenging the Need for Cuts

Busting the Single Narrative: Essential viewing for all People concerned about the economic crisis and cuts. This presentation highlights the truth behind the financial crisis and challenges the single narrative being put forward in the UK of crisis and cuts. It shows us that there is no real crisis and that the debt is not as severe as the Conservative and Liberal Democrat government states. It also shows how governments since the 1970s have shifted money away from the poor to the rich including the Tories and New Labour. So are we all in it together, doesn’t look like it. Please spread this film wide and far. Produced by Bristol Indymedia and friends

Bristol IWW – Proper Job Schoolkids and students on the streets against the cuts

Film from IWW celebrating the great demo in Bristol 2010 on 24th November. Check out these site for more anti-cuts info: http://bristol.indymedia.org for local news and Bristol cuts watch http://anticuts.org.uk/ for info on demos etc.

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