January Newsletter for Bristol IWW

Dear member and supporters of Bristol IWW, hello! Hope January is treating you well…

We had our first Branch Meeting last week.

We had updates on our current campaigns and other projects, and had a good discussion on how to increase participation and involment in the union, including meetings.

There is a new thread on Loomio – the online platform we use to discuss outside meetings – which has had some very interesting comments. Please do have a look and add your ideas and comments, especially if you are one of those people who is currently not actively involved.

All our members should have received an invitation to join Loomio sent by our Branch Secretary. If you haven’t, please email at…guess…? Yep, you’ve got it, bristol@iww.org.uk !

Our plans for the next few months include:

– Having events to get together and socialise (again, any ideas, please join the discussion on Loomio)

– Have branch meetings on weekends to hopefully make it easier for many of you to attend

– Rep training

– Online organiser training for Deliveroo cycle couriers (which will be delivered nationally)

– a migrant/refugee workers rights workshop – details to follow

– choosing our delegates for the national conference in Sheffield (yes, it’s that time of year already!)

and more…

Not bad for the sleepiest month of the year…!

So, if you are already a member, get involved in any way you want/can and see you soon.

If you are not a member, but joining was one of your new year’s resolutions…do it! Join now.


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