Join Bristol IWW

As an IWW member, you get:

  1. Encouragement, mutual aid and support.
  2. Expert advice and help with procedures like disciplinary or grievance hearings.
  3. Help and guidance on organizing your workplace.
  4. An international organization dedicated to working together to build worker power on our jobs and in our communities.
  5. Some practical things:
    • Your Union Membership Card
    • IWW Badge
    • Digital (PDF) copies of ‘Industrial Worker’, our international newspaper
    • Internal Bulletins
    • Subscription to internal email list
    • One Big Union / Wobspeak Booklet
    • International Constitution and European Regional Administration Rule Book and Manual of Policies and Practices

Membership Dues

Dues are paid according to your earnings – and are based on your take home pay (i.e. After tax and NI)

Monthly Income Monthly Dues
£230 or less £1
£231 to £777 £2
£778 to £1,343 £5
£1,344 to £1,910 £10
£1,911 – £2,477 £18
£2,478 or more 1%

Download Application Form
Download this membership form Please use block capitals when completing the membership form and send with payment to: IWW, PO Box 7593, Glasgow, G42 2EX. You can also join by coming along to one of our regular Bristol IWW meetings. See Bristol IWW Diary for details of next meeting.

Cut out the hassle: If you would like to take the hassle out of paying your membership dues and have a bank or building society account, please request a standing order mandate post it to your bank or building society once you’ve signed and completed it. Please indicate on the membership form that you wish to pay by standing order. Please make sure your include your IWW membership number as the reference on the form.

Further Information

Contact Bristol IWW for further information about membership, meetings or general information:

Email -

Phone – 07581440831

Post – Hydra Books

34 Old Market



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