Pizza Hut Day of Action Bristol

IWW members at Pizza Hut in Sheffield have called for a day of action against Pizza Hut.

IWW Pizza Hut Workers Union is currently fighting on three key issues -

  1. Drivers Conditions
  2. Pay
  3. Union Recognition

In drivers conditions we are demanding regular updates of all moped drivers safety gear. We are also demanding an increase to deliver drivers per-delivery commission, which now stands at 60p, which clearly does not cover costs.
Over pay we are demanding pay increases in line with inflation, as currently our pay is seeing regular decreases. We also that we deserve time and a half for working Bank and National Holiday days. This is industry standard, we are not demanding the earth!
Lastly on the subject of Union Recognition, we believe it is only right as the workers that make the Pizza Hut company what it is we deserve to be talked to on an equal footing to management and have the right for our union to be recognised, giving us all stronger voice.

A continuing dispute over these issues has not reached a satisfactory conclusion despite our continued attempts to discuss this with management. As a result we have decided to hold a day of action against Pizza Hut, where we will be holding a protests outside our Bristol stores, and we encourage, and request that other supporters to do the

This will be held on Saturday the 4th of Feb at 1pm at Pizza Huts all over Bristol.

For info on setting up a IWW Branch in your work place contact us

tel: 07506592180




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