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Click Here for the Bar & Hospitality Sector questionnaire

Examples of the Bar & Hospitality Sector are:

Pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, B&Bs, festivals or public events.

Click Here for the Third Sector questionnaire

Examples of the Third Sector are:

Charities, not-for-profits,social enterprises, CIC’s, community groups or pressure groups.

Click here for the “Any Job” General Questionnaire

This is for anyone who doesn’t work in the Bar & Hospitality or Third Sector. If you would like to see a questionnaire for your type of workplace, go to the end of this form and tell us the questions you think we should be asking. Then we’ll use that info to set up a questionnaire! Cheers!

Thank you for agreeing to fill out this questionnaire.

The IWW will use the information in 3 ways:

  • To create a picture of what working conditions are like in a certain place or type of job.
  • To create a private, secure place where you can ‘blow the whistle’ on bad practices where you work.
  • To find people in the South West of England who, like us, want to change the way that bosses and employees work together. At the moment, the odds are weighed in the boss’s favour. If you join the IWW we’ll help you change the odds where you work, and for the “99%” as a whole.

For more information about the IWW, have a look around this website, or email us at bristol@iww.org.uk