Workfare success story from Liverpool Wobblies

end unpaid work

Reposted from Liverpool IWW website Even if we do say so ourselves, Liverpool IWW have won a great victory by getting such a strong statement against workfare from locally-based household waste recycling/furniture company FRC/Bulky Bob’s, who used the unpaid labour scheme until last Friday. Liverpool wobblies had heard about Bulky Bob’s use of conscripted workfare labour a few months back, and FRC have been viewed as a potential target for that long. But we considered that […]

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Report from Bristol’s Latest Act of Resistance to Workfare


Reposted from Bristol AFed website On Saturday Bristol Wobblies and AFed members were joined by other local activists for  a picket of notorious workfare scheme users Poundland.  This was one of many nationwide actions this week in response to a call from boycott workfare, including an awesome occupation of Urban Futures in London, and the shutting down of Learn Direct in Edinburgh. Our action was a little less confrontational (this time!), as we took the […]

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