#BlackFriday – Solidarity with German workers fighting back against Deliveroo

On the 13th April, workers, trade unionists and activists in cities all over Germany will be holding a day of action – dubbed ‘Black Friday’ – in protest against the union-busting activities of Deliveroo in Germany, along with seeking to highlight the general shoddiness of the companies approach to their workers.

Along with resisting the flagrant union-busting activities of Deliveroo – read more on our website here – the day of action seeks to highlight the poor working conditions for those in the industry. Their concerns echo those involved in our couriers campains mention time and again and we are calling on all couriers to express their solidarity on the day with their fellow workers in Germany.

The IWW is calling on couriers up and down the UK to come out on the 13th April to show their support and solidarity for their fellow workers in Germany!

Whether by small scale demo’s expressing solidarity or large scale mass-walkouts, the IWW will provide their full support to workers on the day looking to show their support – let’s show them that despicable union-busting activity and poor conditions are not acceptable and that there is a growing world-wide movement fighting back against their brazen exploitation!

If you want any support or advice in organising something for the day, then please get in touch with organising@iww.org.uk


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