February/March Newsletter for Bristol IWW


Dear members and supporters of Bristol IWW,

Sorry for the lack of updates on this site of late, we’ve just changed comms officer and it’s taken me a little while to get to grips with things.

Our dealings with Deliveroo reached a critical point up north last month as management in Leeds were able to infiltrate a WhatsApp group that our riders were using to organise and responded by sacking them or reducing their hours. This wasn’t to last however and after pressure from the good people of Leeds, all seven sacked riders were reinstated with scheduled hours and one of the bosses involved was sacked by Deliveroo. Direct action gets the goods! On top of these crucial victories, we’ve noticed the dodgy dealings of Deliveroo getting more coverage in the press as a result (here and here). Deliveroo know now that they can no longer get away with singling out organised riders but the battle is far from over though and those wanting to keep up to date with events as they unfold should follow IWGB Couriers Branch.

On the 4th of March a group of us were involved with the anti-fascist mobilisation against local boneheads the Pie and Mash Squad, South West Infidels and other assorted racists who gathered outside Bristol Crown Court to promote their agenda. Although a heavy police presence prevented any contact apart from the odd scuffle, we did manage to give the plod the run around and prevent the fash from attempting their originally stated plan of marching to Totterdown mosque. What started as a group of 100 or so masked antifa gradually swelled to a much larger opposition as passing Bristolians learned that nazis were up to their usual tricks in our city. To read a more in-depth report, check out the Bristol Antifascists site.

On the 25th of February we ran a workshop for migrant and refugee workers with a focus on basic work rights and how to deal with issues around contracts, discrimination and the minimum wage as part of the One Day Without Us initiative. One of our members, who is a migrant worker herself, appeared on Ujima Radio to promote the workshop and participate in a discussion about the problems many of these workers face when they come to the UK.

Some of our Bristol-based riders were part of a talk held by our friends FAU Berlin on the 7th of April in the German capital. They were asked along with the London IWGB riders to share their experiences of creating a union presence from scratch and the trials and tribulations involved.

We experienced some frustration at the end of March when our planned workshop with Sisters Uncut at the occupied Cheltenham Road library had to be postponed due to their eviction. We would like to stress that it is only postponed and we look forward to linking up with Sisters Uncut again to get this sucker on.

I’ll keep you up to date with future news, views and schemes on this site as well as via Facebook and Twitter but if there’s anything you want to see posted please get in touch. Our next meeting will be the 16th of April with any new faces advised to get in contact ahead of the date for details.

Until next time, look after each other and raise hell.

Tom / Bristol IWW


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